- Professional Paint Chip Repair

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FIX your chips! STOP the rust!


3 easy steps to fix stone chips and scratches on your vehicle.

1. Clean the chips/scratches with Cleaner Leveler

2. Apply paint to the chips and scratches

3. Level the paint with the Cleaner/Leveler (be careful not to remove all the paint)



ChipFixx offers custom mixed paint specific to your vehicle’s paint code. The ChipFixx Total Kit contains everything needed for a complete chip/scratch repair. Shipped fast!

(ChipFixx is currently only availble in Canada.)


ChipFixx is Canada’s leading paint chip and scratch repair kit. The cleanest finish. The longest lasting performance. Shipped Fast everywhere in Canada. You really can add value back to your vehicle and prevent rust from starting. ORDER TODAY before it’s too late and rust takes over!

Why ChipFixx?

Your vehicle is the second largest investment you will make after your home. Paint chips lower the value in your car and invite rust. You need an economical, effective way to repair them yourself and keep up with new chips as they occur.

Dabbing sticks are messy, awkward, and leave unsightly blobs of paint on the surface around chips. They don't always stick, often don't match the colour and the resulting repair looks worse than the chips. Spray bombs are not meant for stone chip repair.

The ChipFixx System is meant for easy home use. If you can wash a car you can do this! No special skill is needed. We mix your colour according to your vehicle's paint code and specifications. All kits come with our Exclusive Cleaner Leveler Solution so you can remove dirt, grease, wax, silicone and other contaminants so the paint will adhere. The Cleaner Leveler Solution lets you make a smooth, neat, permanent repair with paint only in chip.