- Professional Paint Chip Repair

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3 easy steps to fix stone chips and scratches on your vehicle.

1. Clean the chips/scratches with Cleaner Leveler

2. Apply paint to the chips and scratches

3. Level the paint with the Cleaner/Leveler 



ChipFixx offers custom mixed paint specific to your vehicle’s paint code. The ChipFixx Total Kit contains everything needed for a complete chip/scratch repair. Shipped fast!



ChipFixx is Canada’s leading paint chip and scratch repair kit. The cleanest finish. The longest lasting performance. Shipped Fast everywhere in Canada.  ORDER TODAY before it’s too late and rust takes over!

What to expect with ChipFixx paint


The only way to make paint chips on your car totally disappear is to have one or more panels repainted at a body shop. I have seen many touch up systems and attempts and none of them would make the chips totally disappear. Having body work done is costly, inconvenient because it will tie your car up for days or in some cases weeks, risky because body work is one of those services where you usually get what you pay for, and matching paint colours is a highly skilled and sometimes time consuming procedure, hence the cost. Having panels painted also can actually reduce your resale value by bringing on suspicions about why the work was done, has the car been in an accident or was it rusty. 

We feel our ChipFixx system is the best compromise available in Canada. The paint is custom mixed for you by us so you should get an acceptable match and from several feet away the repair is very hard to detect especially on smaller chips. Larger ones are easier to spot. 
One of our highest priorities in developing this system for home use was ease of application, if you can wash a car you can do this. I have trained may people to use this system in over twenty years as a paint touchup technician and they were all astonished at how easily it was mastered. Another high priority was quality of results and the criteria was that final appearance be far superior to touchup "sticks" and a real alternative to body shops. 
We can't promise that your chips will disappear and neither can any other touchup method, but our system will give your car an easy to apply low cost  "facelift" while preserving the factory finish. 
Dave Allen
Owner, Paint Tech